About AECS Consulting, Inc.

AECS Consulting was founded in 2011 by its president Doug Slattery and is based in McKinney Texas, about 45 minutes north of Dallas. 

In 2015 AECS pivoted from custom software consulting to focus exclusively on developing products and solutions for connected smart devices used in the smart home, business and industry.

Our Solution

We believe that to make a smart home really a "smart" home, an ecosystem of smart devices must work together in a way that brings peace of mind, comfort, convenience, security, safety and cost savings to the home owner.

At AECS Consulting, we are exceeding that expectation and bridging the gap between smart homes and smart cities in ways that many people don't realize is possible.

Connecting smart technology securely among family members, businesses and communities are possible with the technology we at AECS Consulting are developing.

Video Surveillance, sensor monitoring, device control, remote access cohesively working together in ways that make sense through latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence and more are all part of our solution.

Ultimately, you and only you have control of your smart ecosystem that is simple to use, simple to setup and simply as the founder's philosophy states: "Keep It Simple Smarty"

Our Story

In 2015, Doug began development on SYBor™ as a project to automate a commercial hair salon run by his wife Anna.  Anna wanted a way to remotely (i.e. from home) monitor the building since it was occupied by other tenants with access to entry/exit, lighting and climate controls.
Few solutions existed and were weak on features, expensive and just didn’t fit.  SYBor™ was created to manage all of your smart devices based on “Internet of Things” (IoT) technology into a single application rather than having an app for each different camera, smart lock, light, thermostat, etc.
More than a fancy universal remote control for your home, SYBor™ leverages the latest developments in machine learning, ai and computer vision to learn users' behaviors over time becoming a virtual home assistant.  Knowing when to adjust the thermostat for the seasons, periodically at random turn the lights & tv on when you are on vacation giving the appearance you are home, or events in tandem are a few of many things that will be learned.  This ultimately brings savings, security, convenience and peace of mind while at home or away.