SYBor™ - 'Secure Your Borders'

  • SYBor™ stands for ‘Secure Your Borders’.

  • SYBor™ monitors and controls all of your IoT based smart devices and IP cameras from a single app whether at home or away.

  • SYBor™ is more than just a fancy universal remote for your home.  Leveraging the latest developments in machine learning, AI and computer vision, SYBor™ learns users' behaviors over time becoming a non-intrusive virtual home assistant.

  • SYBor™ is secure.  With identity theft, hacking and personal privacy at risk with electronic devices, security was the first feature built into the platform.  SYBor™ uses strong encryption that is also used to protect banks and financial institutions as well as other modern data security practices to ensure your system is protected from hackers and identity theives.

  • SYBor™ is robust.  Internet down?  Power outage?  No problem.  SYBor™ is able to run stand alone without internet or electrical power utility services during temporary disruptions.

  • SYBor™ does not depend on the cloud.  With the cloud at risk and vulnerable to hackers, the SYBor™ platform works without the cloud or even the internet!  You will need internet access to connect to the SYBor™ platform away from home, but the connection is direct and not processed in the cloud.

Stay Tuned ...

Our designers, engineers and testers are working day and night building SYBor™ to meet our high standards and exceed your expectations.

Check in from time to time for the latest news, information and progress.