SYBor™ - Technical Details

  • The SYBor™ platform is an IoT gateway with edge computing capabilities intended to monitor and control IoT peripheral smart devices based on Wifi, Z-Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth wireless protocols.
    The software runs on ARM processors and takes advantage of available GPU and hardware accelerators to boost performance for video streaming, machine learning and artificial intelligence architectures being used in the platform.

  • The SYBor™ apps are available for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, laptops and tablets.  Apps connect to the platform over TLS/SSL encrypted connections and must be paired with the platform prior to use.  A simple setup and configuration procedure manages pairing with the platform.

  • The SYBor™ platform is highly configurable to support a wide range of use cases and customer preferences.  User and group security is available to control who can access the platform.  This is similar to IAM and provides control at the user, device and site levels.
    A rules engine is on board to handle a wide range of decision making such as 'turn the lights on when motion detection is triggered' or 'disable the sprinklers when rain is forecasted'.

  • The SYBor™ platform features proprietary motion detection for video surveillance that works the same way for all cameras, whether or not the camera has motion detection built in.
    Motion detection can trigger alert notifications generated in the app as well as SMS text messages and email.
    Zones can be setup for each camera to eliminate 'dead' spots or areas to be ignored that could trigger false alarms.
    Motion detection can be scheduled for cases such as when a factory is closed at night.


Stay Tuned ...

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