Finally, a single app to do everything

Frustrated with multiple apps to control your smart devices?  We are too, so we created a single intuitive app compatible with all your computing devices to securely monitor and control your space while at home or away.

Finally, "smart" in the smart home

Frustrated with smart devices playing dumb?  We are too, so we help your devices to play nice together and work in a way that make sense.

Finally, I can have more than one.

Frustrated because you can't find a smart home app that works whereever you do?  We are too, so we created a scalable platform so that if you have a vacation home, need to monitor elderly parents, students away at college or just multiple locations in general.  We can scale to support your connected smart home needs.

Finally, something

Frustrated with too expensive or too cheap smart home products? Confusing high tech installation and setup?  We are too, so we created the SYBor™ platform to make managing your devices simple.